Passing out parade has come and gone, I will
definitely miss my friends, my PPA, my
environment in ota, a lot of thoughts were
running through my mind as I was packing and
arranging my loads. I begin to ask myself, “after
service year then what next?”.
I had tried to apply for jobs during my service
year but I couldn’t get a befitting job. My friends
that were born with a silver spoon had jobs
waiting for them at home,
“Which kind wahala be this?”, I picked my bag,
board a bus to akure.
On getting home, my family and neighbours
welcomed me, it was as if a white man came on
a visit. People are asking me questions, some
were greeting, some were asking for what I
As days rolled by, I begin to search for what to
do, I moved round the town to see if I could get
a job somewhere.
One day while I was passing by on the 3rd street,
I saw a woman coming out of a mighty duplex,
the house was painted white,.
She was pasting a notice on her gate as I was
passing by. I moved closer to see the what she
was pasting, and on it I saw ” A home lesson
teacher wanted URGENTLY”.
Chaiii, I ignored at first and moved on. After
walking about 8 steps. I stopped and think.
***** why I go refuse this job na?, dem be rich
people ooo, so dem fit pay.*****,
I stopped thinking, I went back to the house, I
knocked on the gate and the gateman ushered
me in.
the gateman took me to the door entrance,
called out the woman and left,
ME: good afternoon ma
MADAM: good afternoon young man, how can I
help you?
ME: I saw you pasting a notice the other time
and I decided to apply.
MADAM: you mean the home tutor job?
ME: Yes
MADAM: hope u passed your WAEC? And how
was the result?.
ME: *****smiled*****, yes man I do.
MADAM: but I will prefer a graduate because my
first daughter wants to write jamb and post
jamb, so a graduate will do better,
ME: *****i looked at myself and thought, “chaiiii,
small stature na bad thing oooo, shey I no look
like graduate ni?”
***** smiled, I’m a graduate ma.
MADAM: really?, oooohh, pls I am so sorry for
the embarrassment, so sorry please, u look very
young, please come in please.
************she ushered me into the living
The interior of the room is a nice one, a colourful
design and furnitures. I sat on the chair and she
sat down opposite to me.
MADAM: I’m sorry for the other time
ME: its not a problem ma
MaDAM: which state are you from?
ME: edo
MADAM: how old are you.
ME: ****felt embarrassed*** 23
MADAM: 23? Then what age did you graduate?
ME: 21 Ma
MADAM: ***smiled*** u must be a genius, I like
that. So let’s get to business. My first daughter
janet is 19, she failed her last jamb attempt, so
she is writing another one, so u will teach her
physics, chemistry and math, less I forget.
What’s your course?
ME: chemistry Ma
MaDAM: then you should be able to do well then,
ME: ok ma, ***i looked at the photo on the wall
directly in front of me, its of a very pretty young
lady, she is fair and has a big burst. This must
be janet, “chaiiiii, omo see bobby****
MADAM: I also have a son, 12 in jss3, u will be
teaching him mathematics.
Me: ok ma.
MADAM: ********called someone by the name
“sikira”. Sikira!!! , bring a bottle of coke for me
with a glass cup******
A young girl appeared from the kitchen, her
dressing shows that she must be the house
maid. She is fair too but not up to janet, she
must be in her early 20′s I guess, she has this
local inbuilt beauty, a nice dimple and a an
average sized bosoms. She served the coke and
turned back. Chaiiiiiiii, omo
see a$$$. Its that type of mercy johnson’s. I
sipped the coke and continues the discussion.
MADAM: that is my house maid, no tempt her
with your fine boy look oooooo,
ME: ok ma.
Madam: just kidding. So how much are you
charging me?
ME: *****thought for a while, viewed the look of
the house, the cars I saw outside***** 30k ma.
MADAM: heeeeeeeee, when I’m not employing
you to train her for cambridge. I will pay you 20k
per month for the 2 children.
ME: ok ma
MADAM: let me give you a little rule. Don’t go
beyond academics with my daughter, I think you
understand what I meant?. If you do, I will send
hired killer to kill you
ME: ok ma, *******so this woman is only
concerned about her daughter’s yansh, what
about sikira?*****. Sorry ma, can I ask a
Madam: go ahead.
ME: please are the children around?! I want to
introduce myself to them ****for my mind, I wan
see how janet looks like in reality****.
MaDAM: janet went to a friend’s birthday party,
gideon my son is sleeping inside. Maybe when
you resume lesson, you will know them
ME: thanks ma. One more thing please, I wish to
meet daddy too.
MADAM: laughs, daddy is not in nigeria,.
Me: ok ma, let me take my leave, I will resume
on monday.
I exchanged number with madam, stood up and
about to leave when sikira came out to pick the
bottle. She looked into my eyes and released a
cute smile, her dimple made a hole. I smiled
back at her too. I dashed out of the compound.
As I stood infront of the gate, a cab dropped a
young girl infront of the house. I recognised the
face as the same thing I saw on the picture, this
must be janet. I said to her “HI”. She just
ignored, passed by and knock on the gate which
the gateman later opened. I said to my self.
Chaiiiii, why this girl come rude and dey
arrogant like this na?